Celebration Of A Life That Changed Mine

Happy Birthday, Honey!  How is it that you entered this world on a windy day in March of 1947 in the hometown of Elvis Pressly, followed 12 and a half years ago by a baby girl born in the pine-needled, sandy flatlands of North Carolina, thus beginning and a circuitous trajectory that mysteriously and surreptiously began to move through crossroads, stopsigns, people in the past, career turns, friendship and finally delivered us here 14 years later.  The very best 14 in my 55 years of life.

Although it has not always been easy, it has never once failed to be awash with deep, spiritual growth; unfailing love; surprises – both wonderful and challenging; a deep and abiding trust that has taken my fearful heart a while to accept. Trust being a concept that by nature takes me so much time to build.  (And here is an extra nod to those of you- and you know who you are – exactly – who have helped me with that little side journey of mine).

The Adventures of Trey and Crissy could fill a number of books.  Consider the anals that Carl Sandburg wrote on Abraham Lincoln. (Okay, so maybe I am stretching it just a tad).  But thinking of Carl, whose home we love so much in Flat Rock, NC, He did love his “Paula” as he called her and he wrote her poem after poem to let her know so – as you have done for me – even as you adapted his quote, “I don’t know where I am going – but I am on my way,” for your very own life.  So ain’t that the truth, Dear One?

We’ve been places and we have seen things we never dreamed of – Budapest dancing off the Danube River on both sides on Christmas night.  Kindred Spirit and the mailbox full of letters on Bird Island where we have spent hours drafting notes to the Divine, thanking Her for our good fortune.  A restaurant and bar that we found in San Francisco by accident one night and spent hours listening to music and wondering how we found the place.  Watching the holiday bonfires in New Orleans.  Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving with adopted families.  People with love and cherish to fill our home on holidays.

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