On Saying GoodBye

If life has taught me one thing and one thing only. And if Oprah feels called to ask what a Southerner like me has learned most specifically in my life, I know the answer, life is impermanence.

We can fight it. We can set up bank accounts, retirement accounts, go to the gym, be nice to our friends and our relatives, show up at work each day, work hard and long, be nice to others, follow the golden rule, eat our fruits and vegetables, meditate, pray, be kind, wash our face, floss, wash and walk the dog, drive carefully, pay our taxes, not cheat a thing.

We can pay it forward. Be kind to strangers on a street. Go out of our way to help a stranger and a loved one.

And still bam! Life changes on a dime.

And then. There we are leaving our sweet nest.   What we have known forever. Goodbye. It is heart wrenching. And it happens to us all. Usually more than once.

Today I spoke with a beloved friend saying goodbye. And I was reminded of the times I wept leaving each home. The primordial, yanking, sadness and fear and excitement, too, and I celebrate her bravery. And I love her spirit. And I join her in the tears and the courage she has behind her and before her.

And quite honestly, I hope she remembers me on the greatness end of her scale, (She will do great things),  but I have not doubt she will, because that is who she is.

Godspeed…My Dear Friend.  I love   you.