The Light

Were you afraid when you realized you were going blind? I asked, unable to conceive of a world of shadows.

I imagined not seeing the sugar cane blowing gently on top of the hill in front of us,

not seeing the tossing and turning scramble of the brook,

not seeing the ants crawling carefully with full rose petals balancing on their heads,

not seeing the hummingbirds jostling each other away from the sugar water, although there was ample for all,

not seeing the orchids that grow everywhere – on trees, hanging on fences and shocking me with colors I never knew existed.
No, she said, as she gazed straight ahead.

I am grateful I had my sight. Grateful I have seen the world.

Now, she said, I see other things.

Like what? I asked.

Like people, she said. I see them without color, without expression, without the judgement we rely on when we can see with our eyes.
I can see their hearts.
We sat there side by side. She, staring peacefully, unseeing.

Me, watching the sun slowly descend.
Contemplating what I see in the world.

Christmas Eve.

Waiting for the Light.