Strong Winds Possible

The sign appeared more than once as we traveled from Hilton Head Island to Beaufort, SC.  But almost always on long bridges across the waterway.  Strong winds possible.


Finally, I had to call the question.  So, I said, to my husband.   What does it mean?  Strong winds possible.

He shrugged, perplexed (a usual state I thrust him into).  Strong winds possible?  So, it means, “Strong winds possible.”

But, of course, it seemed incredibly redundant and unnecessary.  Anything is possible.  Why don’t they put these signs everywhere if they put them anywhere?

And then, just 40 minutes later.  There we were. Walking across the middle of the street in Beaufort, SC, chatting and sightseeing when the silver car pulled up beside us and a voice yelled from within, “Crissy and Trey?”  And there from four hours up north, following a dinner speech where she received a well-deserved honor for her tremendous work in the promotion of diversity, was our beautiful, “adopted” daughter, Kinneil.  And we smiled and hugged and took a picture for our Facebooks and later I thought about all the history that it took to get us three together at that exact same moment in time.

Beginning, not with where we grew up, and where we went to school and how we first came together in the first place – us souls who became like family.  But just how it happened that we were in Beaufort, crossing the street, with Kinneil driving by at that exact moment in time that could have easily not have happened if one stop light had turned green or red, someone had slept in or gotten up early, one extra moment at the convenience store had happened or one car ahead was going a little too slow or fast, or just one little teeny tiny, itsy bitsy change in schedule and we would have missed the whole chance encounter. Or in the bigger picture, one of those seemingly small and insignificant things had occurred and we had never met at all.

Strong winds are probable.  Not just possible.  Never believe they are not blowing you exactly where you should be.  We just have to be paying attention all the time and trusting those winds – great or small.

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