Alternative Routes to An Easier Life

I could not get out of this underground parking lot. Now I admit to not being the best driver as one of my best friends (Gail) will happily attest.   But I had to back out of the space, backwards, past a long line of parked cars, up a significant grade and then (still going backwards) enter a very busy street. It was not going well.

Why hadn’t I backed into the space rather than driven into it? But then again I am not good at that either.

I felt like I had never driven a car before in my life.

Again and again, I panicked and screeched back into my little parking spot, panting and frightened I would hurt someone else or myself. Or damage a bunch of cars? Who designed this thing? How in the heck was I going to get my car out of that cramped underground parking lot?

Then I saw it, clear as a bell, where it had been all along – an exit sign. Simply back out, move to the back of the garage, make a circle and come out car front first into the street.

How did I miss that? How did I make things those so hard?   So, in my dream, I did just that and was on my way in seconds.

In wake-up life, I find I also make things harder than necessary. Instead, I need to slow down and look for an alternative. Take a few deep breaths. Take a short walk. Ask someone for directions. Don’t panic. We might all be surprised how much easier it is to make it through a day.

And better yet, when we see someone struggling with a situation that we can help to relieve, pass it on. Nothing feels better than helping someone else.

Pay attention every day. The Divine wants us to get to the work we need to do and She doesn’t try to make it hard. Get out of that parking lot and change some lives with your sweet Divine sparks!

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