Facilitating Sacred Events Through Kindred Spirit (Celebrant) Ceremony

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Shortly after our marriage ten years ago, my husband, affectionately called Trey (George III) by me, and I found a mailbox nestled alone amongst the sand dunes of Bird Island on Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  Marked on the side were the words, “Kindred Spirit.” Located a remote two miles away from the pier and at least one mile away from any home, we surmised that no mail carrier made a daily trek to deliver or to pick up mail there.  Upon opening the box, we found five colorful composition books, a multitude of ink pens, a few shells, ribbons and some smiley face stickers.

Curious about our new mystery, we opened the books and read pages of heartfelt letters, poems, messages and notes.  Included were compelling communications to loved ones who had passed away, tales of romance and heartbreak, welcomes to newborns, stories of betrayal and forgiveness, anticipation of new adventures to come and remembrances of good times past.  Penned with honest words in the private space that Kindred Spirit created, writers shared their thoughts on hopes, dreams, love, loss, illness, marriage, divorce, commitment, the Divine they experienced and knew or not, and numerous passages encountered on their personal journeys.  We quickly embraced Kindred Spirit as our own sacred space.

Last year, Trey decided to expand his personal spiritual journey by becoming a Life-Cycle Celebrant.  His intention is to help others celebrate life passages through carefully personalized ceremonies.  In tribute to this place of personal spiritual reflection and in honor of the deep and abiding connection shared by all beings and living things on our beautiful earth, the new venture is called Kindred Spirit Ceremony.

Trey will graduate in late April from an amazing program at The Celebrant Foundation & Institute, an organization dedicated to the education of the highest quality Life-Cycle Celebrants.  In this tradition, a celebrant is a new kind of officiant who provides personalized ceremonies to individuals, couples (of any sort), families and communities – no matter their diversity.

His vision is to guide, support and reassure clients, respectful of the diversity of all humanity, during defining periods in their life journeys through ceremonies and rituals that commemorate, acknowledge and provide witness to their sacred and significant life events.

So…if you are planning a commitment ceremony, wedding, celebration of a birth or any significant life passage, I hope you will think of Trey.   His own significant spiritual journey throughout the years and his dedication to the study of traditions of all kinds is fascinating.  If you just want to sit and talk awhile about what all this means, just reply to this blog and we’ll set something up.


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